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Vision & Mission


The process of identifying what the organization strives to be—its vision—and how it plans to achieve the vision—its mission.

Planning and Deployment Solutions

Vision identifies what the organization hopes to become while mission addresses tactical issues. For 35 years, Dr. Ference has facilitated the creation and updates of hundreds of vision and mission statements for organizations. Topics address operational challenges to include: business focus, market expectations, product and service standards, management philosophy, human resources, community involvement, financial responsibilities, ecological support and related constituencies.

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OD Competencies

Vision & Mission

• Executive Retreats

• Leadership Workshops

• Operational Meetings

Needs Analysis

• Systematic Research

• Strategic Meetings

• Blueprints and Plans

• Double Loop Follow-up

Quantitative Assessments

• Custom-Designed Employee Feedback Surveys

• 360-Relationship Management Profiles

• Professional Development Inventory

Action Planning

• Action Planning

• Customer-Centric Methodologies

• Performance Index Measures

High-impact Facilitation

• Action-Planning Sessions

• Customized Training

• Peak-Performance Leadership

• Make-It-Memorable Programs

Performance Tracking

• Manager Reports

• Executive Reports

• Customized Reports

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