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The process of measuring how efficiently and effectively an organization gets-work-done-right though its vision, mission, values, practices and standards.

Planning and Deployment Solutions

Perception is reality, and leadership success stems from knowing how others perceive you, your team and your brand. Our assessments provide management insights regarding employee departmental and organizational perceptions of working environments. In addition, we provide insights regarding individual leadership styles of working with others. Survey results provide honest feedback and are used to improve individual, team and organizational capabilities. User-friendly summary reports feature performance comparatives and industry norms that allow for gap and root-cause analysis.

Our Center for Survey Research has over 35 years of experience in designing, administering and interpreting surveys, assessments and profiles.

In 1980, we developed our first employee feedback survey for the Four Seasons Pierre Hotel in New York City. In the mid-80s we launched our first 360-degree leadership survey for use in company-wide executive retreats for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.

In the 1990s we validated, benchmarked and created service-industry norms based on our inventory ofclients to include: Inter-Continental Hotels Worldwide; Mandarin Oriental Hotels, Asia Pacific-Europe-the Americas; Starwood Hotels & Resorts; MGM Grand Casino, Hotel and Theme Park, Las Vegas; and smaller independent properties to include: Claridge’s, The Barkeley and the Connaught of London; Pacific Island Clubs; Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas; and Hilton International’s Ojai Valley Inn and Country Club.

Since 2000, we have been committed to developing the most user-friendly, dynamic, employee-centric metrics in the service industries. We continue to conduct on-going research supporting our employee surveys, assessments and profiles, and today our reports are viewed as some of the most insightful, applied and effective organizational development tools on the market.

Our goal is to develop deliberate cultures with leaders who fully understand and are dedicated to effectively implementing peak-performance best practices. Our clients have been awarded some of the most prestigious performance awards in the industry, including the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Employer of Choice, Best Human Resources, Employer of the Year, Best Place to Work and Fortune’s Best 100 Companies to Work For. Additionally, we have contributed to successful national quality award applications in Australia, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. These clients’ commitments to continuous improvements in product quality, service excellence, employee satisfaction and customer engagement translate to their bottom lines and have benefited them in establishing best-of-class status in their respective industries.

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