Through Performance-Based Metrics

Needs Analysis


The process of assessing performance elements and identifying critical gaps between an organization’s current performance (where it is) and where it aspires to be (desired level of peak performance).

Planning and Deployment Solutions

Needs analysis addresses the organizational requirements of teams and companies as they focus on challenges and opportunities. Conducted primarily as a series of qualitative interviews and team discussions, needs analysis identifies opportunities for improvement enabling refinements in strategic direction and creating operational platforms for moving forward. Blueprints for strategic change draw upon unique combinations of considered research, on-site focus groups, independent assessments and project approach and deployment plans.

Meetings cover a range of topics that include: marketing focus, organizational structure, product standards, customer experiences, interpersonal dynamics, infrastructure considerations, staffing, employee satisfaction and engagement, physical facilities, capital spending, revenue generation, financial performance, and related matters. The goal is to realize ultimate potential of processes, practices and resource allocations so that organizational goals, employee needs and team aspirations are realized.

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OD Competencies

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Needs Analysis

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Quantitative Assessments

• Custom-Designed Employee Feedback Surveys

• 360-Relationship Management Profiles

• Professional Development Inventory

Action Planning

• Action Planning

• Customer-Centric Methodologies

• Performance Index Measures

High-impact Facilitation

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Performance Tracking

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